Isn’t it time to tell your company’s story?

Before key leaders retire and you lose access to important memorabilia from company events?

  • Do you have a big anniversary of your company coming up?
  • Is one of your founders or executives retiring?
  • Do you want to capture the history of your company as a recruitment tool or as a gift to clients or customers to build loyalty?
  • Do you have subject-matter expertise that should be published?

If you’re worried that time and people may slip away before you record the story of your organization’s growth and success—or of your special expertise—but don’t have the resources to devote to a publication project of this scope, you don’t have to abandon the project. Turn to us. We work with a group of editors, writers, designers, and printers to turn your tale into a book.

Rather than a cold narrative of dates and milestones, your book can capture the voices of the people who made your company great. And it can archive for posterity the photographs and other memorabilia executives and others can provide from their personal files.

Four Examples

We helped a project team at a major manufacturer of special-use fabrics delve into the nature of its inventiveness. The goal was to help revitalize the excitement and process around innovation at the company by capturing the seeds of each invention from its inventors. We interviewed the inventors and wrote essays on their process for the company intranet.

We developed a custom book published by an organizational psychologist in Denver who offered seminars on workplace diversity to major companies around the globe. He had collected thousands of articles and hundreds of books to provide fodder for his seminars, but none of it was recorded in a systematic way on a computer, so none of it was accessible for other uses. We put together a team of researchers and writers who read all the material, entered notes on the computer, interviewed the author, and produced a book manuscript in less than a year.

We were commissioned by a management consulting firm to write a history of the global company by interviewing its senior partners and writing essays in their voices capturing different aspects of the company’s revenue growth and geographic expansion in the U.S. and Europe. The project was completed within nine months from concept to cloth cover.

We were asked to edit and package a manuscript by a former U.S. government official about "introducing industry appropriate to China" in book format, with a companion book about Chinese culture at the time of the Cultural Revolution. We served as editors and project managers on the two books.

Other Formats

Of course, there are many frameworks that can be effective for such material. Maybe you’d prefer a video or a CD to a book. We facilitate the “hunting and gathering” process for all content, both visual and verbal, finding stock photography, illustrations, and other resources to fill in the gaps in your firm’s visual record. We also serve as your quality-control agent, proofing and checking the work of all collaborative partners before your final review, and working with designers, printers, and producers to fullfill all project deliverables.

We hope to engage with you in a collaborative effort to showcase your organization’s story and success in a way that will offer enduring value and delight in your firm for insiders and outsiders alike.

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For individual or family histories, visit one of our collaboration partners,, which specializes in these personal books.