Creating compelling shows and speeches

They carry your messages, enhanced with graphics and that all-important component called 'voice'

Victoria Cooper worked on hundreds of client presentations for management consultants when she served as its Director of Corporate Communications and Public Relations. She served as creative director on several main-stage presentations at the company’s annual retreats, held at resorts around the world, working closely with senior partners and the firm’s graphics staff on the keynote speeches and presentations.
  • For a partnership with Hewlett-Packard, she created the script for a presentation to its Americas sales force on a new offering in product life-cycle management.

  • While at Cornell University, Vikki collaborated on speeches with the deans of the College of Engineering.

The extended team at Cooper Communications has worked on many more projects. We will provide website addresses to explore the work of team members and collaboration partners on request.

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Moran, Stahl, and Boyer, Boulder:
Wrote a script for a cross-cultural training video about working in the United Kingdom

, Boston:
Wrote the script for a CD about a new service offering called e-PACE (Product and Cycle-time Excellence) from this management consultancy