More than dotting the i’s

We collaborate in content development and research

We’re a team of seasoned professionals with expertise in many subject areas. But, most important, we bring a finely honed craftsmanship to all of our assignments, and a strong sense of collaboration with clients, organizational stakeholders, vendors, and others involved in producing print and web communications. We offer interviewing, writing, editing, proofreading, and content-packaging services.

Representative Achievements

  • Launch of several magazines: for a software company, a management consultancy, a business-publishing company, an arts college, a university (Cornell), and two newspapers
  • Launch of several newsletters: for a museum project, a bookstore, an arts college, an investigations firm, and a business association
  • Launch of several websites: for a management consultancy, a software company, an arts college, and three nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Content development and/or editing for three books published by McGraw-Hill and four custom books, published by a management consultancy, an organizational psychologist, a former official of the Agency for International Development, and the social service agency Jewish Family and Children's Services
  • Copyediting and proofing of 8 social-science books for a publishing house (Westview Press, Boulder, CO)
  • Copyediting and proofing of multiple scientific articles in the area of health sciences for a university (MIT)
  • Expert interviews of top business leaders for the controlled circulation magazine PRTM's Insight

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